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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​4 items offerd only here:

1. The E-Z "Notation Through Rhythm" Method Music Center Bookis unique.  It is found that music education as early as preschool is beneficial and can result in increased intelligence and success as students  progress through the grades.   The methods in this book integrate basic academic skills with music.  The methods include songs (language development), coordination, rhythm, movement, music scores and fundamentals, fractions, colors, letters, crafts with colorful note puppets, and four composing methods that use the child's vocabulary to enhance reading and writing, instrument playing and more.  The four composing methods enhance elementary curriculum, allowing original composition assignments that correlate with units of study, or reading and writing assignments.  Methods encourage Music Centers featuring familiar and student's original tunes along with charts and three ringed notebooks to store music scores for the whole class to play and sing.  The book includes the E-Z International Music Color Code with 3 octaves of instrument or keyboard markers (use is optional), and songs, charts, an edible alphabet, puppets, rhythm band suggestions, and more.   Many new important education methods are stored within the full color, 80 page, 81/2 X 11 bound book; printed on quality paper with a spine that facilitates libraries and shelf displays.  

 Price:  $24.50 plus S&H $8.75 = $33.25.​                                                                                                              Amazon and Barnes and Noble price:  $41.99 plus S&H.

​2.The Rainbow Book of Song has familiar childhood songs and can be used as a workbook, if desired, with the above Music Center Book.  Optional but useful, for both student and teacher, is the E-Z International Music Color Code that gives each note of the scale a color.  The book has three octaves of the E-Z Keyboard or instrument markers. Methods promotes worthwhile classroom and after school activities for piano learning and practice.  This Rainbow Book of Song is 11 X 81/2, and spiral bound.

Price:  $9.00 plus S&H $3.00=$12.00


 4.  The Music Rainbow Ballet and Rainbow Play Story Line Scriptsare an answer for teachers, or ballet instructors, looking for new recital ideas, or classrooms for a play that includes music learning. Characters include Mother Goose, Mother Music, the eight black notes of the C scale and the correlating eight colored dancing notes that mingle and dance with the children for the Ballet.  The Play uses the letter names of the music scale, also the corresponding colored note puppet characters played by children for learning and fun. Both the Ballet and Play correlate with the two above books and the CD-R song, below, "There's Music Everywhere".   Dancers can select their music to interpret the characters introduced in the unbound, stapled, 28 paged script. 

Price:  $8.00 plus S&H $2.00 = $10.00

​5. The CD-R, "There's Music Everywhere", words and music by Beverly Nelson, is sung by a talented, male, county artist.  You will want to listen to it over and over, not only for the voice quality, but for the joy hidden in the words.  It can be used in the Ballet and Play, if desired.

Price:  $7.00 plus S&H $1.50 = $8.50

These 2 books for 24.50 plus S&H only $36.25

3. Special offer !  With the purchase of the E-Z "Notation Through Rhythm" Method Music Center Book we will send a free Rainbow Book of Song.  You pay only $3.00 for S&H.  Total price for both:  $36.25 includes S&H. 

 A savings of $17.49 if books bought elsewhere. Two books for less than the price of one.