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The E-Z "Notation Through Rhythm"           Method Music Center Book          Educators, Teachers, Parents, Schools, Home Schools, Students, Early Learning, Senior Citizens, and Libraries!

Good for schools with limited funding.

Does your school or home have music awareness and songs?

Have students had the chance to experience an introduction to the fun of instrument playing?  Of matching the notes of a score to play a tune?  Or easy ways to compose an original melody? 

The book includes the E-Z International Music Color Code with instrument markers which are helpful, colorful, and assist learning as it integrates basic early childhood skills with music, matching and a colored puppet for each note of the scale.  Use of the color code is optional but integrates basic skills with music and is useful for student and teacher.

Music Centers



The Methods encourage Music Centers featuring familiar songs and the students own original tunes. Three ringed notebooks allows sharing of student's original compositions, familiar tunes or even cultural melodies, and with small electronic keyboards students can play and practice individually.  (Ear phones may be available, if desired).  Students learn to respect the materials. 

The E-Z "Notation Through Rhythm" Method Music Center Book effectively integrates music with academic skills.  Students find songs, instrument playing, composing, and rhythm fun, and practice can be enjoyable.  Though the beginning activities seem early childhood oriented the four composing methods enhance elementary curriculum allowing original composition assignments that correlate with units of study, reading, writing, and instruments; promoting class sharing and playing students' own original tunes.  Also includes suggestions for rhythm bands, movement, note puppets, charts and more

Learning an instrument — like the piano, for instance — has many proven benefits. Playing music both assists in children's development and enriches the lives of adults.

Includes a Color Code